The Optical Signature team of engineers and technicians are ready to provide solutions to customers’ specific custom needs. We precision laser drill apertures, slits, and shapes into a wide variety of materials.

Our team works with the cutting edge of technology to be sure that every solution we offer is to the customers specifications. We utilized scanning electron microscopes, 3D laser scanning confocal microscopes, automated measurement systems, and diffraction measurement systems. Using these systems allow us to be sure of the precision and accuracy of every part. Through the use of these different technologies we can cross calibrate our products to ensure quality.

The goal of every member of the Optical Signature engineering team is to provide our customers with reliable products designed to their specifications. This includes any particular requirements such as a particular custom shape, different environments, or mechanical stress. We strive to provide high performance and quality products.

We have a fully equipped machine shop and use advanced chemical etching processes. Our experienced staff can combine some or all of these capabilities in a multi-step process whereas a single technique application would be impractical or impossible. In each unique case, the choice of product materials and manufacturing processes are specific and may affect future product performance.

Both our production and engineering teams are readily available to help customers consider the specifics of the original product design. We offer our expertise in developing and redesigning a product to create both a feasible and more cost effective project with precision and accuracy.

If you need superb optical apertures, slits, shapes, or any other precision laser work, contact the Optical Signature team today

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